Michael has been creating music for years and has written music for various films and production companies all around the globe. Michael also has three C.D.'s out featuring his original piano works, has many fans in over 10 different countries, and has done work on many TV shows.

Born in 1982 in Florida, Michael began playing piano at age 3. He then began writing his own music at the age of 8 and began work on music that would be on his first CD "Through My Eyes", officially released in 2002. After "Redemption" was released in 2004 he began to gain attention from a broader audience and scored his first independent film that year. After that he began working towards his dream as a child which was to write music for film and TV. In 2007, after writing for various companies, he was asked by his local community concert association in his hometown if he would perform a concert in January of 2008 featuring his original compositions on piano and backed by various instruments that he wrote the music for. The concert was a great success as Michael performed for a sold out audience. "A Place In Time" was released the night of the concert and has been gaining momentum ever since. In 2009 Michael formed his own music production company "NiteSail" that writes music for films, trailers, and TV shows and has teamed up with another large music production company in California for collaborative work on top TV shows being released around the globe. You can listen to the full line of media demos @ www.nitesail.com.